Everybody’s Wrong About the Orlando Killings

On June 19, 2016, in Uncategorized, by Kevin Sysyn

ar15Everybody is wrong about the Orlando mass murderer. The Orlando shooting was an honor crime and not Islamic ISIS terrorism at all…just as I said the day it happened. And it wasn’t a hate crime against gays either. The shooter loved gays. He was one himself. That’s where the investigation has led. The police, his family, Trump, Obama and everybody wants it to be terrorism or a hate crime. It was neither. It’s actually stranger than that.

The murderer’s ex-wife says he was gay and was desperate about his father’s and family’s honor.  It was an “honor killing” to prove to his father and everyone (+ himself?) that he was not gay….and of course he was seriously mentally ill, deteriorating over a long time. He was a really sick weirdo; extremely conflicted on many levels.

He frequented the gay club for years and had no need to case the joint. It was a 2hr drive from his home cuz it was his secret. He never went to gay clubs nearer his home. He didn’t own a gun until a few weeks ago. Perhaps the first few people he killed (and then tried to leave the club*) were “acquaintances” or there was some personal insult or heartbreak involved?

He tried to falsify a reputation (on-line and at work) as an Islamic warrior when in fact he didn’t know anything about it. The FBI who are pretty serious and savvy when interviewing people, laughed him off thru 3 interviews cuz they knew more about Islamic Jihad than he did. He told fellow workers he knew various notorious terrorists and was  as a member of Hezbollah and Islamic State (who are blood enemies). He told the FBI he made it all up and indeed he did. The FBI knows when somebody’s lying or is a bad guy and he got a pass, though he was on a watch-list as countless other Muslims in the USA are. The FBI puts everybody they talk to on a list. He was harmless…at the time. He had no thought of killing anybody…at the time. That occurred to him rather recently.

He was not politically active, didn’t have any connections to anybody with Jihad, no participation, trips to the ME, manifesto, training, last words or FB page etc…It seemed like he just maybe read up on it and looked at the pictures…perhaps to make it appear he was involved. I wonder if the the cops know how much time he spent on Jihad websites compared to gay sites which they’ve mentioned he also visited?

Among other things the call at 2AM claiming he was Islamic State was an afterthought which should never have even happened. He shot a few people and then attempted to flee the club but was driven back inside by police gunfire. He didn’t think about making any of those phone calls until he was trapped in a hostage situation and talking with the police as he had never intended. He knew he was probably gonna die and took the opportunity to announce to Daddy and the world that he was an Islamic warrior who presumably hated gays; rather than one himself. His father, who said  shortly after the killings “no way was he was Islamic Jihad.”, added that “he had recently expressed extreme anger towards two gay men he saw kissing in Miami which may have motivated him.” Dad fell for it all lock stock and barrel.

That all said it may be that he sincerely tried hard to be a devout fundamentalist Muslim and actually grew to believe homosexuality is a sin. But the conflict was just too great and he couldn’t live with it any longer.

This will go down as the largest mass shooting but it may go down also as the strangest, by one of the creepiest people for unimaginable reasons.

It’s worth noting that Islamic terrorists and hate crimers do not usually target people they know. That’s what makes it terrorism. Neither do lunatic shooters. And terrorists always leave some evidence or oodles of pretty intense extremism.

Angry people shoot people they know, shoot their families, co-workers etc. San Bernardino was a workplace shooting perhaps agitated by Jihad. They too shot people they knew. I think they were angry at their victims for reasons other than Islam.

* The police in the heat of the moment made a critical error when the shooter tried to exit the club. He evidently shot a few people and left.  As he reached the exit he was met by police gunfire and driven back inside where over the next 2+hrs he shot a 100 more people. The cops should have let him clear the building where gunfire could only harm them or him. But like I say the heat of the moment.

P.S.: It’s also beginning to look like knee-Jerk-Trump was wrong again with his assessment 10 minutes after the shooting. Not to mention the killer was 100% homegrown all-American and not an immigrant or a Muslim terrorist.


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