The people” are too stupid to govern themselves. It’s the fatal flaw of Democracy. That’s the lab report on The Great Experiment. “We the people” are the government. If we are not the government, as most people agree we are not, then we have failed at Democracy.

The people” are unhappy, angry and discontent because for decades they’ve been consistently voting against their own interests. You get what you vote for folks! Keep voting for Wall Street, elite wealthy, free-booting, brigand capitalist, tax-evading, global corporate families and your kids and grandkids are guaranteed be as unhappy and angry as you are…and probably poorer too.

The history of “The people’s” intellectual political failing began with FDR’s death and the advent of TV. That was when the Wall Street elite took over the government by starting their permanent War on Communism. It was their war not “The people’s”. To this day you cannot get elected in the USA if you are soft on Communism. This is when “The people” got stupid and what a disaster!

Look at elections since the 1960s. LBJ was a great President for “The people”. But of course he wasn’t elected. He got there by assassination. He delivered Medicare to the elderly and needy, the Civil Rights Act to minorities and the Great Society. Unfortunately he believed he was going to defeat the “communist menace” once and for all.  Vietnam destroyed his grand legacy and he did not seek re-election.

So in response to LBJ “The people” elected Richard Nixon, in a 3-way race. He did nothing but prolong the Vietnam War, start the war on drugs and a whole raft of other awful shit. What was really ludicrous was “The people” re-elected him after Watergate and all broke and the criminal couldn’t even make it thru his 2nd term. I mean for chrissake how stupid is that?! And of course Vietnam outlasted him and few million extra people died. Wow!

Then we had the un-elected VP President Ford (+ his un-elected VP who happened to be a Rockefeller). He was as surprised that he became President as the rest of us. He did manage to actually end the Vietnam War.

Then came Carter who was elected because he was not part of the “establishment” that everybody’s still whining about today. No wars and Americans died on his watch. But “The people” did the bidding of the Iranian terrorist kidnappers and elected the establishment back  with…

…Ronald Reagan who would later give them WMDs, in-debt the USA up to its ears, destroy the unions, finance arm and empower Islamic Jihad to defeat the “Communist menace”; (which turned out to be a world-wide disaster all it’s own). But like Nixon “The people” re-elected Reagan right in the midst of his incredible crime wave of clueless incompetence. He was an Alzheimer’s patient for chrissake!

Next “The people” elected GHW Bush. I’ve never been clear why. He was the evilest guy ever to be President. Bush was the man who as CIA chief signed off on the first terrorist bombing of a commercial airliner Cuba flight 455 (Google it) and was the ringleader behind Iran-Contra and a plethora of other crimes including numerous assassinations and civil wars. He invaded Panama in a failed attempt to kidnap their President whom he had put in office. In the end he couldn’t survive Reagan’s debt but it still took a 3rd party to defeat him.

president2Clinton, though minority-elected, did well. America was at peace with everybody on Earth when he was President and the US economy thrived. American and human casualties were minimal. His re-election was the first one that made sense since FDR.

Of course Clinton couldn’t run for a 3rd term cuz “The people” adopted the 22nd Amendment in 1951 outlawing themselves from voting for a very popular and successful President more than twice like they had FDR. I still don’t get why they made that rule. Anybody know? But in their never-ending quest to vote against their own interests, they did.

So then along comes Dubya Bush who wasn’t actually elected except “The people” elected his brother Governor of Florida, and his Daddy President who with Reagan appointed most of the US Supreme Court who decided the 2000 election. Well that worked out great for “the family”! Dubya immediately took “The people’s” $Trillion+ tax surplus and rebated it to Wall Street. September 12, 2001 he was the most popular President on record, 91% . He then invaded Iraq (88% of  “The people” approved). 

Then again in their endless stupidity “The people” re-elected him in 2004 when there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in his $2 trillion+interest…4,000 lives++ War on Iraq. And he really went to town on “The people” in his 2nd term. The USA and whole world are still in shock and awe, and will never recover.

In response to national and world disaster and recession “The people”s choice Bush brought upon America they elected Obama in 2008. Whew!

He has been an excellent President, Commander-in-Chief and Head-of-State But he had a hard job to recover America from the Bush global disaster cuz unfortunately he is black-skinned and “The people” in their infinite stupidity elected a racist RepubliKlan Congress to stifle his every effort. Fortunately he has mostly succeeded despite their best efforts.

Now comes election 2016 and “The people” have the gargoyle mutant Trump running neck and neck with Clinton.…..after turning away Sanders; which brings me back to Wall Street’s War on the “Communist menace”. It has now become the politically correct “socialist menace” since Sanders is socialist; as is Social Security, Medicaid, public schools and everything the gov’t does for “The people”. He wants to send your children to college for free. Evidently “The people” thought this a repugnant bad idea. Is there something in the water?

“The people” would rather have a Wall Street 1%er who wants to give nuclear weapons to all of our “allies” than a guy who wants to give every American free heath-care and education? Halllloo!!!

Trump should get 5% of the vote and no more.

Well I hope Hillary Clinton will be “The people’s” choice in November but I ain’t holding my breath. “The people” seem more concerned about some emails or gay marriage than they are about a global war on 1.4 billion Muslims. She will be helpless as President, so the country will stagnate which beats literally burning every bridge in the world like Trump vows to do. But if she keeps our soldiers out of war, as Obama has, we’ll survive her. And that’s it for decision 2016.

Whew! The stupidest smartest people on planet Earth. That’s “The people” of the Untied States of America.


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