Obama Created Racism in America?

On July 13, 2016, in Uncategorized, by Kevin Sysyn

obamaSo Obama invented racism in the USA?… Wow! What Obama did was bring the white conservative racist pigs out into the open and for one reason and one reason only. Cuz he’s got black skin. It’s got zero to do with politics, right or wrong or anything he said or did. He’s black and that’s enough for y’all.

Obama’s skin color just drove the racists mental literally from day one. Sarah Palin became the racist queen November 5, 2008. Every day, over the next 3+ years the Wall Street white media had 3 times as many news stories about her than the President. By December 2008 the Tea Party was forming. The Tea-bagging racist fuckknuckles are mental (like master Trump) and they’ve come out of the closet in droves over the last 8 years. What united them against Obama way back in Nov 2008? Policy? He wasn’t even President for two more months. Racism united them. That’s what!

The racists are y’all; not Obama. Exit polls from Obama’s two election victories showed that 8% of voters admitted (many proudly) that they voted against Obama cuz he’s a “nigger”. That’s about 20% of the votes McCain and Romney got or well over 10 million people; the same 20% who gave Trump the nomination. I don’t imagine any of them were black. Of course a number of blacks no doubt voted for Obama because he is black. But they didn’t vote against McCain or Romney cuz they’re white. There’s a difference. And the difference is white against black racism.

I remember 2009 when FOX News told the early Tea Party ralliers that they had to get rid of the numerous Obama/Monkey/Swastika racist signs cuz FOX couldn’t get a decent 5-second video of their gatherings to show America. They mostly complied. Google Images “anti-Obama racist signs”. It’s almost amusing if it wasn’t so gawddamned evil.
The Klu Klux Klan existed almost exactly one century before Obama was born. Before that the “niggers” were slaves cuz of their black skin which, pardon me, I think has kind of a racist edge to it.
Donald Trump is as savvy as he is evil. He won the nomination by transforming the Republican Party from the Christian party to the RepubliKlan Racist Party. He’s Pro-choice for chrissake! Racism is his issue. Cruz, Rubio and the rest of the pro-lifer Christian white folks are reeling still from the shock and awe that racism is a far more attractive galvanizing issue to their voter base than God or abortion. Trump crucified Jesus at the polls and racism instead of religious bigotry was his tool of torture.
The RepubliKlans have accused Obama countless times of “playing the race card.” In fact he never did. I defy anyone to post a single quote/video link of Obama playing the race card. He never did. Not once. (Except perhaps by standing there in his black skin.) How many of y’all have ever actually listened to anything he said? Ask yourself, if you can’t answer me. Thru two elections and nearly 8 years Obama took the Mandela approach. Racism only disappears if you do not acknowledge it. It’s been hard cuz racism is actually a hard-to-ignore dominant feature of RepubliKlan cult politics.
In fact the RepubliKlan Party and Obama’s accusers were playing the racist card. And I can give you about a million quotes of them doing that. Unless you live in the North Pole you already know.
Similarly the rabid racists now accuse Obama of inciting the Dallas shootings when actually it was them who did. The Dallas shooter was deranged evidently by his war experience in Afghanistan and delivered perverted misplaced justice. But whites have been perverting justice against blacks for centuries. Unjustified police shootings of innocent unarmed blacks didn’t start in 2014 folks. Smell the coffee.
 All lives matter. That’s what the pro-life Christians say. If you don’t include black lives in the equation you are a morally bankrupt racist. Sorry to pop your zit.
Of course there is a good deal of anti-white racism amongst blacks and minorities. But that is defensive in nature. It was caused by the wide range of racist discrimination played out against them. I don’t know of a single black leader enacting laws against whites using a toilet or sitting on a bus or a black school Principle preventing a white student from his charge. Like everything else black racism is on the white racists’ tab.
All that said, evil as it is, being a loudmouth racist is a 1st Amendment Constitutional right. It’s practicing discrimination and violating the Constitutional rights of others that’s criminal. And cheering those who do is a reprehensible and disgraceful application of free expression.
So before you start mouthing off  about Obama being racist take a fucking look in the mirror at your hateful prejudiced white face. Cuz that’s where it starts.

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