Mr Trump and Mr Sage

On July 18, 2016, in Uncategorized, by Kevin Sysyn


Mr. Trump Don’t Build That Wall


My friend Sage (who lives in another country) and I were Skyping and he says

“You should write a song about Trump. He’s written it for you,  you just have to sing it.”

..”I wouldn’t know what to say”, says I.

Sage says “Say ‘I don’t wanna hafta mow my own lawn.‘ ” Tears ran down my face.

The next day I had this song, more or less.

We went on to develop and record the song….with  incredible recording/production expert help from Niall Mathewson of Aberdeen.

Sage turned the pathetic track I sent him into an authentic Mariachi “Mexican” song and then one day he says. ” You oughtta shout the only Spanish words the shallow stupid Trumpette dullards understand,’burrito! taco! tequila!“. So I did and I fell out of my frikking chair; still do every time.

It may not go down in history but I do believe it is a work of art.

Humor is really hard and you got to be a miserable malcontent like Abraham Lincoln or Robin Williams (or maybe us?) to get it.


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