Bernie Nader?

On August 1, 2016, in Uncategorized, by Kevin Sysyn


Here’s a little  lesson from history the Sanders backers (never Clinton) should have learned from the frigging moron Ralph Nader in 2000. He ran 3rd party and ruined Gore which resulted in Dubya Bush who destroyed the USA and set the world on fire.

We are faced with much the same prospect in 2016 and you folks want to make the same mistake and elevate a fucking mentally ill monster to the most powerful office on Earth; while ignoring an opportunity that could hand Sanders the 2nd most powerful office; US Senate majority leader.

Nader’s disastrous mistake in 2000 was he could have run for Lieberman’s US Senate seat and he and Gore/Lieberman would have all won. As it turned out the Senate in 2001 was 50-50 with VP Dick Cheney casting deciding votes. It could have been 50-49-1(Green Party Nader) with VP Lieberman casting the tie-breaker. Nader would have had immense power with his one swing vote and forced Gore’s hand on the issues important to the Green Party. What an opportunity!!!…lost..

The 2017 Senate could be that close again with Sanders holding the critical swing vote. He could force a President Clinton’s hand on a lot of progressives issues.
Moreover if the Democrats were to win the Senate (and Clinton the White House) Sanders would very likely be elected majority leader, the 2nd most powerful office in the US gov’t.

You’d better think twice about your “never Hillary” bullshit. If Trump gets in Sanders will be completely powerless and the USA and you will be fucked again perhaps for good.


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