Hillary Hitler?

On August 2, 2016, in Uncategorized, by Kevin Sysyn
hilWith all the yapping going on I never, ever!, see a Trump supporter telling us why he should be President. Why his policy proposals are the best. How he alone can save us?
In fact about all I ever see is Clinton bashing, from left and right, 90% of it baseless and strangely personal (btw that’s not a real moustache ). I have never seen more cult of personal destruction bullshit in an election. It’s ridiculous and a disgrace to America and democracy!
Any of you Trumpettes care to chime in and tell us all why we should vote FOR Trump?….instead of telling us why we should vote AGAINST Clinton? Why is Trump the lesser of two evils?
I’ll look forward to your posts.
I detected quite a few of you Trumpettes “posers” and liars thick as fleas with Sanders folks during the primaries, bashing Clinton. They thought you were Sanders supporters. But I noticed you never had anything good to say about Sanders like they did; and didn’t seem to know or care anything about him.
In my estimation you are the corruption of democracy in the flesh. Now you’re on the Sanders 3rd party bandwagon which would likely ruin both Clinton and Sanders. You can come on here and admit who you are by bashing this post.
I don’t imagine any of you will and expose yourself to the light of day.
Trump was reduced by Obama to hate and racism as his major issue; under the guise of immigration and terrorism. I suppose its because Obama is black and already made “America great again.”, by being so incredibly successful on recovering the economy,(60% of voters actually remember 2008). Cuz it used be “it’s the economy stupid!”
Pretty far-fetched but it resonates with the masses of racist (armed) idiots who lost their job (maybe their wife?) to an uneducated wetback who can’t speak English or scared dopes who don’t realize that not a single American was killed, in America by foreign terrorists in Obama’s entire 7 1/2 years Not one.
Explain to me how Trump is going do a better than 100% job against international organized terrorism?
At the bottom of it all “the people” would re-elect Obama if it wasn’t against the law to vote for him. I would say “the establishment” established themselves with the 22nd Amendment. I just don’t see any other good reason why it was passed.

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