Dud! Failed Domestic Terrorist Attack

On September 20, 2016, in Uncategorized, by Kevin Sysyn

bombThe dud!!
Hello America!…..Please take a moment from your national panic attack..breathe into a friggin paper bag!… and let me point out that THE TERRORIST FAILED. Thru all the hollering and whining about events of the last couple days you’d think that somebody somewhere…media?… politician?… policeman?…. would mention…what a MISERABLE FAILURE this attack was!

Seven explosive devices and six of them never exploded. The one that did was inside a heavy metal dumpster…(what’s that about?)….29 minor injuries and everyone went home an hour later. No deaths. Not one person even seriously “wounded”…..and the perpetrator lasted a couple of hours on the run before he was shot and arrested.

This was a victory for America!
In fact it was a resounding success of law enforcement, security, first responders and FBI/police investigators etc….. The terrorist (We only actually know of one, I hasten to add though there may be more pathetic stumble-bums discovered in coming days) was so inept that even the ISIS lunatics aren’t stupid enough to claim credit for this fiasco…. This was huge triumph for America and freedom…..

And the Jihad terrorist’s failure runs much deeper than the almost complete lack of victims.
It is a failure of concerted organized terrorism in a country where the players have the protected rights to legally obtain and possess immense firepower, freedom of movement and privacy and can use encrypted telephones etc without fear that the gov’t is “spying” on them. And they fumbled the frigging ball all over the field.

Even on top of all that, the fact that the bombs wound up in garbage receptacles may indicate a lack of resolve, fear of failure and panic on the part of those involved. Though that is only speculation on my part at this point, where the bombs were found it is very strange indeed.

Another thing everyone fails to mention is he is an American citizen. So all this rhetoric about immigrants and refugees is just more of the same meaningless irrelevant hosshit from Trump and Co….

Even the ISIS lunatic dumbasses are smart enough to not claim credit for this fiasco…

Obama’s record of not a single American…not even one… killed in America by organized international Jihad terrorism is intact.

I suppose the Trumpholics will be all over me for posting this…. Bring ’em on!! Haw haw haw!!

P.S. I didn’t mention the crazy guy in Minnesota who on his own with one knife injured more people than this huge NY/NJ terrorist conspiracy. He wound up dead. I believe (but do not know) it will come out that he wasn’t much of a Jihadist.


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