Entertaining Trump

On October 4, 2016, in Uncategorized, by Kevin Sysyn
trumpI entertain foreigners from around the world 7 days a week. I meet many of these people every night and when they learn I am American the next thing out of their mouth is an incredulous “Trump OMG!!”. They are variously terrified, appalled or amused by him.
Last night two Chinese girls videoed me singing my song “Mr Trump Don’t Build That Wall” (youtube it), and I was stunned how they got every joke. I asked one of them how she knew so much and she laughed and said in perfect English
“Don’t you know? Donald Trump is reality TV.”….mmmmm?
This revulsion of Trump by non-Americans holds true nearly 100%…of people from Belize to Siberia.
And they hardly ever mention Clinton though I notice Australian women do.
Any contention on Trump’s behalf I ever hear comes from Americans…… with one notable exception….British men.
But there’s a gulf of difference between the two. The Brits are one-up on their American Trumpaholic comrades at being reasoned thinkers. The difference is this.
The Brits in explaining their position expound on the merits of Trump and why they think he is right and good for America and the world…..I respect their reasoned approach. As one British friend advised me “Why don’t you just entertain people and shut the fuck up.” Hahaha! HA!
The Americans never pronounce Trump’s fantastic policy ideas, personal honesty transparency and merit.
They only drool out incessant Hillary-hatred and how awful she is, a liar criminal and Benghazi murderer…blah blah blah. Trump’s next big issue (and theirs) will be Billary-gate again.
Unlike their British brethren they never say why Trump would make a great president……
The Brits don’t mention Clinton much except to say “they’re both the same”. Well they’re not.
Trump’s mentally unsound and morally unfit to be President.
He proves it every day over and over again.

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