Trump! Christ!

On October 8, 2016, in Uncategorized, by Kevin Sysyn

trumpiI have been saying for months that the Christians have no great passion for Trump and in the end that would kill him in the general election. I am happy to see things are progressing as I imagined they would. Especially after this video no Christian can have any great enthusiasm for Trump. God’s people are praying for rain on election day so they can stay home. And Trump needs their motivated vote.  And he ain’t got it now. He’s a pariah.

I for one am thrilled to see the pseudo-Christian/RepubliKlan coalition rot from within and collapse all by themselves over some harmless vulgar man-chat. For me I couldn’t give a shit about his sex life or whatever… I don’t care if Trump’s gay or wants to marry My Pet Goat. (If it becomes the business of law enforcement that’s another matter than the election.) But I sure am glad to see the pseudo-Christians whom I loathe as much as I do Trump, drag him down…What took them so long?

Clinton goes to church. Trump doesn’t.

His first wife Ivana sued Trump for violent marital rape and he settled for $125 million.

The Pope said Trump is no Christian… Trump said the Pope had no right to pass judgment on his beliefs.

Trump was pro-abortion for 25 years.  He flip-flopped to Pro-life in 1999 for his first run for President.

Most deliciously ironic of all is Trump won the nomination by changing the RepubliKlan Party dialog from God to overt Racism. The GOP primary was 16 Christians against Trump the loud vocal racist. Racism went down well with 27% of Republicans which vaulted Trump to the top while his evangelical competitors clawed at each other to survive and fell by the wayside one by one.

Never mind all the absolutely bat-shit extremely dangerous and criminal ideas that came out of Trump’s mouth. Order the military to kill the families of terrorists. Give nuclear weapons to anyone who wants them; except NATO allies. “We’ve got nuclear weapons why don’t we use them?” etc etc….

But there’s still hope for Trump cuz his assassination squad is on the loose scheming arming… They think Hillary made the video.

I am further entertained that the asshole RepubliKlan Party who impeached Bill Clinton for a consensual affair with a single adult woman wind up owning this gargoyle.

Now just get rid of Ryan and the RepubliKlan Congress freaks who supported Trump (until yesterday) and American can get a move on and progress. Raise the minimum wage, educate the rising generation for free, overturn Citizens United,  and free universal healthcare for everybody. Period!


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