Some years ago I created a Christmas CD. True to my form it is completely secular confined to Santa Claus, romance, gift-giving  and the joys of childhood on Christmas morning. The songs are largely reminiscent of my own childhood, poor and somewhat deprived, and the incredible brightness and mystery of Santa Claus. I now have three grandsons and because I live very far away I made these videos for them to watch at Christmastime. Actually my good friend Ben made the videos. I just acted in them. Yup! That’s me.

Of all the beings of mythology, I can truly say Santa Claus is the only one I believe in.

This song, Santa’s Boogie, is designed to be a dance any kid can do as well as sing along with. I ain’t much of a dancer always being on the other side of the microphone.

This song Everything For Christmas. Is the romantic side of the holiday season.

And this one the broken-hearted side.



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