Two-bit Millionaire/ My-tou Me-ter

It was part of a concerted effort of three people to create a bilingual social/cultural website for Thailand. I wrote and recorded this song in both English and Thai language. There were many people involved in the production chiefly Khun Duea who played the electric guitars, translated my words into meaningful proper Thai song lyrics and coached my singing, Werner from who recorded, played on, engineered and mixed both versions of the song.

The animation video from Sage @ cannot be described but can be seen. I’m not sure what he did or how he did it but I know I didn’t pay him nearly enough.


The English version can be heard here:


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    Siam Guava is a state of mind.

  • Siam Guava is a person.

  • Siam Guava is a community.

  • Siam Guava is a fruit.




Chang & Eng Bunker

Chang & Eng Bunker

Siam (see-ahm) is the old name for Thailand and is still often used, though not officially. It is probably most familiar to Westerners through the term “Siamese” twins.

That is because the first famous conjoined twins, Chang and Eng Bunker were from and discovered in Siam.

The use of the word Guava here is not so obvious to those unfamiliar with Thailand and its language.

Farang is the word that Thai people use to refer to western foreigners. The word farang in the Thai language is also what Thai speakers call a guava.







Siam Guava translates to Thai/Farang or Thai/Foreigner.

Siam Guava is an attitude of sharing Thai and western culture through music and art and inspiring the creative exchange between them.



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