Vagabond; Memoir of an Itinerant Musician

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I was on the road. I always traveled light, most times with a guitar, or I soon acquired one along the way.
The one item I carried all of the time, which always proved invaluable to me, was my big old Navy-blue Pea-coat. Before I left on a tramp I would go to the Salvation Army or St Vincent de Paul used clothing and buy a large woolen, WWII, calf-length, military Pea-coat. Nobody else wanted them and there was always one someone had dug out of their grandfather’s closet hanging there for $3, virtually never worn.
It would protect me in every kind of weather and temperature. In wet weather it would get heavy but I never seemed to get wet or cold. It served as my tent and sleeping bag.
I always wore the most durable blue jeans I could find. I only had one pair which I managed to wash every two days or so.
I didn’t really wear hats except I wore a cowboy hat at times for reasons I cannot explain to this day.

I did not carry a change of clothes though I usually wore two shirts and a t-shirt which could be variously changed. I was meticulous about cleanliness and daily hygiene, short haircut, shave every day.
The Pea-coat had beautiful pockets that could carry a fair amount of baggage. In the inside pockets of my Pea-coat I carried a toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, lighter, razor and a small bottle of shampoo, which served as soap, laundry detergent, shaving cream and….shampoo.
I wore traveling boots or cowboy boots with two pairs of sox which I switched every other day. I had rolled up tightly a super-xxx plastic bag that served as rain protection when necessary and stowed nicely in another pocket. A number of essentials were carried in my jeans pockets like money, ID & such and I had a small very high quality jackknife.

I didn’t carry a pack of any kind since on one of my first journeys I had a backpack and guitar and fell asleep at a restaurant in Milford, Connecticut having tied it to my wrist. I woke with the chord dangling from my wrist. I never carried a pack again.
When I was good to go, I went.

I wound up in the damnedest places sometimes. Like I was somewhere near New York City, didn’t have a clue where exactly ( I still don’t know). It was 2 or 3AM, traffic was nonexistent. It was a foggy soggy night and I wanted to get to New Jersey. So I’m walking toward NJ and I stuck my thumb out at an approaching car which turned out to be a taxi cab. As he slows down I waved him off cuz I didn’t take taxis. He continued on but a few hundred feet further on stopped and reversed his car stopping next to me. He rolled down the passenger window and I said I had no money for a cab. “Where are you going” he asked. “New Jersey”. “Get in”. I got in. He was from Somalia and spoke The King’s English. “Do you know where you are?” I said “Not exactly”. “You are a long way from New Jersey. You don’t belong down here. This is a very dangerous place for you to be walking alone.” Twenty minutes later he dropped me at the NY crossing to NJ; no charge. By noon I was asleep in a pile of Autumn leaves under a huge tree in Hoboken thanks to my Somali-American friend.

There are some lonely stretches of highway in Oregon and hitching thru there can keep you at a standstill for hours. If you get dropped off at the wrong exit it can be a long time before somebody else even comes along and it’s impossible to gain anything by walking; as was the case one fine day.
Anyway I got stranded in one of these places and there was an individual already there when I was dropped off. He was headed north I was headed south. We got chatting cuz there were no other humans. He said he’d been there three hours already and seen a couple dozen cars. After a little while he comes over near me looks down and opens his hand. In it was a large chunk of hash. “Fuck man, look what I got and no way to smoke it.” I looked down on the ground and just one foot away was a Coca Cola can. I bent down, picked it up, took out my little jackknife and poked some holes in the side of the can, (the pop-top was gone) took out my lighter and handed him the lot. “Christ! I never thought of that” he said laughing and lighting up.

Another short incident that occurs to me now was this semi-truck driver who picked me up outside of Las Vegas and was going into town which was perfect. Wow! This guy reeked of alcohol; the three day whiskey bender kind of stink. He was incredibly drunk! He drove right along perfect 60 or 70MPH and occasionally I had to remind him to look at the road while he talked a mile-a-minute. “You wanna job when we stop?” he asked me. “Yeah sure” I said. “OK you can unload the truck.” So he comes to this warehouse and he has to back the semi down a narrow alley to a loading dock which must have been 200 yards or more. Like a pro, straight as a pin he backed that truck perfectly into place. He got out of the truck and fell right on his face. I think I was the only one who saw it. We went inside and he opened the trailer which was loaded with 60lb boxes of frozen chicken which I was instructed to stack on pallets which a forklift removed from the truck. I started to work. Hard work. In the meantime the apparent boss of the warehouse became aware of the extreme inebriated state of my employer and quite a row ensued. Eventually his dispatcher was called and then the police who arrested him. Put the handcuffs on him right there. “Hey” I said; “I’m working here this guy owes me some money.” They had to check with his dispatcher. Eventually they removed the handcuffs and let him pay me $90 and away they took him. I finished the job and caught a ride to “The Strip” with one of the warehouse guys. That afternoon I had brunch at Caesar’s Palace $1.99 I think. First time I ever had a plate served to me with a warmer cover like I’d seen in the movies. That night I was awoken when a bucket of ice-water was dumped on me as I slept in a locked toilet stall in another casino. “You’ll be moving on I reckon.” a voice said from outside the stall. He didn’t wait for an answer.


Vagabond: Touring the Wine Country

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I had an old guitar, nylon stringed, no case, that I had picked up in Seattle and I came into Northern California. I was eventually going to make it to Berkeley and San Francisco when I decided, instead of the coastal route, to take a hike down through Lake and Napa Counties, or “wine country” as I later found out it was called.

Some folks, a family of four, picked me up on the road. They were fascinated that I had hitchhiked 3,000 miles to where they found me and were quite impressed with my singing as I played a few songs for them. After a time they pulled into a winery. Not having any other plans I went into the reception building with them. It seemed a castle to me. There was a fantastic Cornucopia of a cheeseboard, and small samples of every wine and vintage they had to offer; all free and served by lovely hostesses. I am no drinker being prone to debilitating hangovers. But I had quite a few samples and a belly full of food.

My family of friends went on their way and I staggered out of the place into the perpetual summer day that is California and once again onto the road that runs thru that wondrous green lush part of the world. From wine castle to wine castle, vineyard to vineyard I went, for several days. Strange days they were. Totally drunk and well-fed I found that “the hair of the dog that bit ya” was actually an effective, if only delaying, treatment for drunkenness. Stay drunk as long as the weather holds.

I’d go into a garage restroom and wash, shave etc, wash my sox and one shirt. I kept up a decent appearance. The deep blue pea-coat never lost it’s “military” bearing.

It must have seemed strange to some that I was carrying a guitar though I would stash it in a corner quickly upon entering the place. Hardly anybody seemed to take notice. Except one time I was asked, by a customer, to sing Happy Birthday to a young woman for which I was handed twenty bucks. The management applauded with everybody else. But I must have seemed out-of-place to them as indeed I was.

I would sleep right off the side of the road. Lay out my xxx plastic bag and using my rolled up dirtiest shirt as a pillow I’d just lay down right under the California sky, my pockets fulls of hospitality edibles, strumming my guitar, until I drifted into a drunken sleep. Next day I’d hitch and ride until I got hungry and stop at another winery. Seems like I meandered a hundred miles or more thru there. So for the only drunk I ever went on I accidentally imbibed the best booze on Earth. For free!


Trump! Christ!

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trumpiI have been saying for months that the Christians have no great passion for Trump and in the end that would kill him in the general election. I am happy to see things are progressing as I imagined they would. Especially after this video no Christian can have any great enthusiasm for Trump. God’s people are praying for rain on election day so they can stay home. And Trump needs their motivated vote.  And he ain’t got it now. He’s a pariah.

I for one am thrilled to see the pseudo-Christian/RepubliKlan coalition rot from within and collapse all by themselves over some harmless vulgar man-chat. For me I couldn’t give a shit about his sex life or whatever… I don’t care if Trump’s gay or wants to marry My Pet Goat. (If it becomes the business of law enforcement that’s another matter than the election.) But I sure am glad to see the pseudo-Christians whom I loathe as much as I do Trump, drag him down…What took them so long?

Clinton goes to church. Trump doesn’t.

His first wife Ivana sued Trump for violent marital rape and he settled for $125 million.

The Pope said Trump is no Christian… Trump said the Pope had no right to pass judgment on his beliefs.

Trump was pro-abortion for 25 years.  He flip-flopped to Pro-life in 1999 for his first run for President.

Most deliciously ironic of all is Trump won the nomination by changing the RepubliKlan Party dialog from God to overt Racism. The GOP primary was 16 Christians against Trump the loud vocal racist. Racism went down well with 27% of Republicans which vaulted Trump to the top while his evangelical competitors clawed at each other to survive and fell by the wayside one by one.

Never mind all the absolutely bat-shit extremely dangerous and criminal ideas that came out of Trump’s mouth. Order the military to kill the families of terrorists. Give nuclear weapons to anyone who wants them; except NATO allies. “We’ve got nuclear weapons why don’t we use them?” etc etc….

But there’s still hope for Trump cuz his assassination squad is on the loose scheming arming… They think Hillary made the video.

I am further entertained that the asshole RepubliKlan Party who impeached Bill Clinton for a consensual affair with a single adult woman wind up owning this gargoyle.

Now just get rid of Ryan and the RepubliKlan Congress freaks who supported Trump (until yesterday) and American can get a move on and progress. Raise the minimum wage, educate the rising generation for free, overturn Citizens United,  and free universal healthcare for everybody. Period!


Entertaining Trump

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trumpI entertain foreigners from around the world 7 days a week. I meet many of these people every night and when they learn I am American the next thing out of their mouth is an incredulous “Trump OMG!!”. They are variously terrified, appalled or amused by him.
Last night two Chinese girls videoed me singing my song “Mr Trump Don’t Build That Wall” (youtube it), and I was stunned how they got every joke. I asked one of them how she knew so much and she laughed and said in perfect English
“Don’t you know? Donald Trump is reality TV.”….mmmmm?
This revulsion of Trump by non-Americans holds true nearly 100%…of people from Belize to Siberia.
And they hardly ever mention Clinton though I notice Australian women do.
Any contention on Trump’s behalf I ever hear comes from Americans…… with one notable exception….British men.
But there’s a gulf of difference between the two. The Brits are one-up on their American Trumpaholic comrades at being reasoned thinkers. The difference is this.
The Brits in explaining their position expound on the merits of Trump and why they think he is right and good for America and the world…..I respect their reasoned approach. As one British friend advised me “Why don’t you just entertain people and shut the fuck up.” Hahaha! HA!
The Americans never pronounce Trump’s fantastic policy ideas, personal honesty transparency and merit.
They only drool out incessant Hillary-hatred and how awful she is, a liar criminal and Benghazi murderer…blah blah blah. Trump’s next big issue (and theirs) will be Billary-gate again.
Unlike their British brethren they never say why Trump would make a great president……
The Brits don’t mention Clinton much except to say “they’re both the same”. Well they’re not.
Trump’s mentally unsound and morally unfit to be President.
He proves it every day over and over again.

Dud! Failed Domestic Terrorist Attack

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bombThe dud!!
Hello America!…..Please take a moment from your national panic attack..breathe into a friggin paper bag!… and let me point out that THE TERRORIST FAILED. Thru all the hollering and whining about events of the last couple days you’d think that somebody somewhere…media?… politician?… policeman?…. would mention…what a MISERABLE FAILURE this attack was!

Seven explosive devices and six of them never exploded. The one that did was inside a heavy metal dumpster…(what’s that about?)….29 minor injuries and everyone went home an hour later. No deaths. Not one person even seriously “wounded”…..and the perpetrator lasted a couple of hours on the run before he was shot and arrested.

This was a victory for America!
In fact it was a resounding success of law enforcement, security, first responders and FBI/police investigators etc….. The terrorist (We only actually know of one, I hasten to add though there may be more pathetic stumble-bums discovered in coming days) was so inept that even the ISIS lunatics aren’t stupid enough to claim credit for this fiasco…. This was huge triumph for America and freedom…..

And the Jihad terrorist’s failure runs much deeper than the almost complete lack of victims.
It is a failure of concerted organized terrorism in a country where the players have the protected rights to legally obtain and possess immense firepower, freedom of movement and privacy and can use encrypted telephones etc without fear that the gov’t is “spying” on them. And they fumbled the frigging ball all over the field.

Even on top of all that, the fact that the bombs wound up in garbage receptacles may indicate a lack of resolve, fear of failure and panic on the part of those involved. Though that is only speculation on my part at this point, where the bombs were found it is very strange indeed.

Another thing everyone fails to mention is he is an American citizen. So all this rhetoric about immigrants and refugees is just more of the same meaningless irrelevant hosshit from Trump and Co….

Even the ISIS lunatic dumbasses are smart enough to not claim credit for this fiasco…

Obama’s record of not a single American…not even one… killed in America by organized international Jihad terrorism is intact.

I suppose the Trumpholics will be all over me for posting this…. Bring ’em on!! Haw haw haw!!

P.S. I didn’t mention the crazy guy in Minnesota who on his own with one knife injured more people than this huge NY/NJ terrorist conspiracy. He wound up dead. I believe (but do not know) it will come out that he wasn’t much of a Jihadist.


Hillary Hitler?

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hilWith all the yapping going on I never, ever!, see a Trump supporter telling us why he should be President. Why his policy proposals are the best. How he alone can save us?
In fact about all I ever see is Clinton bashing, from left and right, 90% of it baseless and strangely personal (btw that’s not a real moustache ). I have never seen more cult of personal destruction bullshit in an election. It’s ridiculous and a disgrace to America and democracy!
Any of you Trumpettes care to chime in and tell us all why we should vote FOR Trump?….instead of telling us why we should vote AGAINST Clinton? Why is Trump the lesser of two evils?
I’ll look forward to your posts.
I detected quite a few of you Trumpettes “posers” and liars thick as fleas with Sanders folks during the primaries, bashing Clinton. They thought you were Sanders supporters. But I noticed you never had anything good to say about Sanders like they did; and didn’t seem to know or care anything about him.
In my estimation you are the corruption of democracy in the flesh. Now you’re on the Sanders 3rd party bandwagon which would likely ruin both Clinton and Sanders. You can come on here and admit who you are by bashing this post.
I don’t imagine any of you will and expose yourself to the light of day.
Trump was reduced by Obama to hate and racism as his major issue; under the guise of immigration and terrorism. I suppose its because Obama is black and already made “America great again.”, by being so incredibly successful on recovering the economy,(60% of voters actually remember 2008). Cuz it used be “it’s the economy stupid!”
Pretty far-fetched but it resonates with the masses of racist (armed) idiots who lost their job (maybe their wife?) to an uneducated wetback who can’t speak English or scared dopes who don’t realize that not a single American was killed, in America by foreign terrorists in Obama’s entire 7 1/2 years Not one.
Explain to me how Trump is going do a better than 100% job against international organized terrorism?
At the bottom of it all “the people” would re-elect Obama if it wasn’t against the law to vote for him. I would say “the establishment” established themselves with the 22nd Amendment. I just don’t see any other good reason why it was passed.

Bernie Nader?

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Here’s a little  lesson from history the Sanders backers (never Clinton) should have learned from the frigging moron Ralph Nader in 2000. He ran 3rd party and ruined Gore which resulted in Dubya Bush who destroyed the USA and set the world on fire.

We are faced with much the same prospect in 2016 and you folks want to make the same mistake and elevate a fucking mentally ill monster to the most powerful office on Earth; while ignoring an opportunity that could hand Sanders the 2nd most powerful office; US Senate majority leader.

Nader’s disastrous mistake in 2000 was he could have run for Lieberman’s US Senate seat and he and Gore/Lieberman would have all won. As it turned out the Senate in 2001 was 50-50 with VP Dick Cheney casting deciding votes. It could have been 50-49-1(Green Party Nader) with VP Lieberman casting the tie-breaker. Nader would have had immense power with his one swing vote and forced Gore’s hand on the issues important to the Green Party. What an opportunity!!!…lost..

The 2017 Senate could be that close again with Sanders holding the critical swing vote. He could force a President Clinton’s hand on a lot of progressives issues.
Moreover if the Democrats were to win the Senate (and Clinton the White House) Sanders would very likely be elected majority leader, the 2nd most powerful office in the US gov’t.

You’d better think twice about your “never Hillary” bullshit. If Trump gets in Sanders will be completely powerless and the USA and you will be fucked again perhaps for good.


Mr Trump and Mr Sage

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Mr. Trump Don’t Build That Wall


My friend Sage (who lives in another country) and I were Skyping and he says

“You should write a song about Trump. He’s written it for you,  you just have to sing it.”

..”I wouldn’t know what to say”, says I.

Sage says “Say ‘I don’t wanna hafta mow my own lawn.‘ ” Tears ran down my face.

The next day I had this song, more or less.

We went on to develop and record the song….with  incredible recording/production expert help from Niall Mathewson of Aberdeen.

Sage turned the pathetic track I sent him into an authentic Mariachi “Mexican” song and then one day he says. ” You oughtta shout the only Spanish words the shallow stupid Trumpette dullards understand,’burrito! taco! tequila!“. So I did and I fell out of my frikking chair; still do every time.

It may not go down in history but I do believe it is a work of art.

Humor is really hard and you got to be a miserable malcontent like Abraham Lincoln or Robin Williams (or maybe us?) to get it.


Obama Created Racism in America?

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obamaSo Obama invented racism in the USA?… Wow! What Obama did was bring the white conservative racist pigs out into the open and for one reason and one reason only. Cuz he’s got black skin. It’s got zero to do with politics, right or wrong or anything he said or did. He’s black and that’s enough for y’all.

Obama’s skin color just drove the racists mental literally from day one. Sarah Palin became the racist queen November 5, 2008. Every day, over the next 3+ years the Wall Street white media had 3 times as many news stories about her than the President. By December 2008 the Tea Party was forming. The Tea-bagging racist fuckknuckles are mental (like master Trump) and they’ve come out of the closet in droves over the last 8 years. What united them against Obama way back in Nov 2008? Policy? He wasn’t even President for two more months. Racism united them. That’s what!

The racists are y’all; not Obama. Exit polls from Obama’s two election victories showed that 8% of voters admitted (many proudly) that they voted against Obama cuz he’s a “nigger”. That’s about 20% of the votes McCain and Romney got or well over 10 million people; the same 20% who gave Trump the nomination. I don’t imagine any of them were black. Of course a number of blacks no doubt voted for Obama because he is black. But they didn’t vote against McCain or Romney cuz they’re white. There’s a difference. And the difference is white against black racism.

I remember 2009 when FOX News told the early Tea Party ralliers that they had to get rid of the numerous Obama/Monkey/Swastika racist signs cuz FOX couldn’t get a decent 5-second video of their gatherings to show America. They mostly complied. Google Images “anti-Obama racist signs”. It’s almost amusing if it wasn’t so gawddamned evil.
The Klu Klux Klan existed almost exactly one century before Obama was born. Before that the “niggers” were slaves cuz of their black skin which, pardon me, I think has kind of a racist edge to it.
Donald Trump is as savvy as he is evil. He won the nomination by transforming the Republican Party from the Christian party to the RepubliKlan Racist Party. He’s Pro-choice for chrissake! Racism is his issue. Cruz, Rubio and the rest of the pro-lifer Christian white folks are reeling still from the shock and awe that racism is a far more attractive galvanizing issue to their voter base than God or abortion. Trump crucified Jesus at the polls and racism instead of religious bigotry was his tool of torture.
The RepubliKlans have accused Obama countless times of “playing the race card.” In fact he never did. I defy anyone to post a single quote/video link of Obama playing the race card. He never did. Not once. (Except perhaps by standing there in his black skin.) How many of y’all have ever actually listened to anything he said? Ask yourself, if you can’t answer me. Thru two elections and nearly 8 years Obama took the Mandela approach. Racism only disappears if you do not acknowledge it. It’s been hard cuz racism is actually a hard-to-ignore dominant feature of RepubliKlan cult politics.
In fact the RepubliKlan Party and Obama’s accusers were playing the racist card. And I can give you about a million quotes of them doing that. Unless you live in the North Pole you already know.
Similarly the rabid racists now accuse Obama of inciting the Dallas shootings when actually it was them who did. The Dallas shooter was deranged evidently by his war experience in Afghanistan and delivered perverted misplaced justice. But whites have been perverting justice against blacks for centuries. Unjustified police shootings of innocent unarmed blacks didn’t start in 2014 folks. Smell the coffee.
 All lives matter. That’s what the pro-life Christians say. If you don’t include black lives in the equation you are a morally bankrupt racist. Sorry to pop your zit.
Of course there is a good deal of anti-white racism amongst blacks and minorities. But that is defensive in nature. It was caused by the wide range of racist discrimination played out against them. I don’t know of a single black leader enacting laws against whites using a toilet or sitting on a bus or a black school Principle preventing a white student from his charge. Like everything else black racism is on the white racists’ tab.
All that said, evil as it is, being a loudmouth racist is a 1st Amendment Constitutional right. It’s practicing discrimination and violating the Constitutional rights of others that’s criminal. And cheering those who do is a reprehensible and disgraceful application of free expression.
So before you start mouthing off  about Obama being racist take a fucking look in the mirror at your hateful prejudiced white face. Cuz that’s where it starts.


The people” are too stupid to govern themselves. It’s the fatal flaw of Democracy. That’s the lab report on The Great Experiment. “We the people” are the government. If we are not the government, as most people agree we are not, then we have failed at Democracy.

The people” are unhappy, angry and discontent because for decades they’ve been consistently voting against their own interests. You get what you vote for folks! Keep voting for Wall Street, elite wealthy, free-booting, brigand capitalist, tax-evading, global corporate families and your kids and grandkids are guaranteed be as unhappy and angry as you are…and probably poorer too.

The history of “The people’s” intellectual political failing began with FDR’s death and the advent of TV. That was when the Wall Street elite took over the government by starting their permanent War on Communism. It was their war not “The people’s”. To this day you cannot get elected in the USA if you are soft on Communism. This is when “The people” got stupid and what a disaster!

Look at elections since the 1960s. LBJ was a great President for “The people”. But of course he wasn’t elected. He got there by assassination. He delivered Medicare to the elderly and needy, the Civil Rights Act to minorities and the Great Society. Unfortunately he believed he was going to defeat the “communist menace” once and for all.  Vietnam destroyed his grand legacy and he did not seek re-election.

So in response to LBJ “The people” elected Richard Nixon, in a 3-way race. He did nothing but prolong the Vietnam War, start the war on drugs and a whole raft of other awful shit. What was really ludicrous was “The people” re-elected him after Watergate and all broke and the criminal couldn’t even make it thru his 2nd term. I mean for chrissake how stupid is that?! And of course Vietnam outlasted him and few million extra people died. Wow!

Then we had the un-elected VP President Ford (+ his un-elected VP who happened to be a Rockefeller). He was as surprised that he became President as the rest of us. He did manage to actually end the Vietnam War.

Then came Carter who was elected because he was not part of the “establishment” that everybody’s still whining about today. No wars and Americans died on his watch. But “The people” did the bidding of the Iranian terrorist kidnappers and elected the establishment back  with…

…Ronald Reagan who would later give them WMDs, in-debt the USA up to its ears, destroy the unions, finance arm and empower Islamic Jihad to defeat the “Communist menace”; (which turned out to be a world-wide disaster all it’s own). But like Nixon “The people” re-elected Reagan right in the midst of his incredible crime wave of clueless incompetence. He was an Alzheimer’s patient for chrissake!

Next “The people” elected GHW Bush. I’ve never been clear why. He was the evilest guy ever to be President. Bush was the man who as CIA chief signed off on the first terrorist bombing of a commercial airliner Cuba flight 455 (Google it) and was the ringleader behind Iran-Contra and a plethora of other crimes including numerous assassinations and civil wars. He invaded Panama in a failed attempt to kidnap their President whom he had put in office. In the end he couldn’t survive Reagan’s debt but it still took a 3rd party to defeat him.

president2Clinton, though minority-elected, did well. America was at peace with everybody on Earth when he was President and the US economy thrived. American and human casualties were minimal. His re-election was the first one that made sense since FDR.

Of course Clinton couldn’t run for a 3rd term cuz “The people” adopted the 22nd Amendment in 1951 outlawing themselves from voting for a very popular and successful President more than twice like they had FDR. I still don’t get why they made that rule. Anybody know? But in their never-ending quest to vote against their own interests, they did.

So then along comes Dubya Bush who wasn’t actually elected except “The people” elected his brother Governor of Florida, and his Daddy President who with Reagan appointed most of the US Supreme Court who decided the 2000 election. Well that worked out great for “the family”! Dubya immediately took “The people’s” $Trillion+ tax surplus and rebated it to Wall Street. September 12, 2001 he was the most popular President on record, 91% . He then invaded Iraq (88% of  “The people” approved). 

Then again in their endless stupidity “The people” re-elected him in 2004 when there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in his $2 trillion+interest…4,000 lives++ War on Iraq. And he really went to town on “The people” in his 2nd term. The USA and whole world are still in shock and awe, and will never recover.

In response to national and world disaster and recession “The people”s choice Bush brought upon America they elected Obama in 2008. Whew!

He has been an excellent President, Commander-in-Chief and Head-of-State But he had a hard job to recover America from the Bush global disaster cuz unfortunately he is black-skinned and “The people” in their infinite stupidity elected a racist RepubliKlan Congress to stifle his every effort. Fortunately he has mostly succeeded despite their best efforts.

Now comes election 2016 and “The people” have the gargoyle mutant Trump running neck and neck with Clinton.…..after turning away Sanders; which brings me back to Wall Street’s War on the “Communist menace”. It has now become the politically correct “socialist menace” since Sanders is socialist; as is Social Security, Medicaid, public schools and everything the gov’t does for “The people”. He wants to send your children to college for free. Evidently “The people” thought this a repugnant bad idea. Is there something in the water?

“The people” would rather have a Wall Street 1%er who wants to give nuclear weapons to all of our “allies” than a guy who wants to give every American free heath-care and education? Halllloo!!!

Trump should get 5% of the vote and no more.

Well I hope Hillary Clinton will be “The people’s” choice in November but I ain’t holding my breath. “The people” seem more concerned about some emails or gay marriage than they are about a global war on 1.4 billion Muslims. She will be helpless as President, so the country will stagnate which beats literally burning every bridge in the world like Trump vows to do. But if she keeps our soldiers out of war, as Obama has, we’ll survive her. And that’s it for decision 2016.

Whew! The stupidest smartest people on planet Earth. That’s “The people” of the Untied States of America.